Weddings for Freedom

I am are very excited and honored to announce our participation in the Weddings for Freedom: SET | RAISE | MATCH campaign to help end modern day slavery in the United States. This is a topic where it's easy to think it doesn't happen in your city or that it doesn't happen because you don't see it. We've come together as wedding artists to take part in the Weddings for Freedom campaign. Our goal is to raise $500 to donate to Breaking Free, a safe home and rehabilitation center in Minneapolis that helps between 400-500 girls a year escape prostitution and sexual exploitation. We will then match dollar-for-dollar every donation that comes in until I reach this set goal! That means if we succeed in raising $500, we will raise and donate a total of $1,000 (or more)!

Would you consider supporting me in this effort? You can learn more about the project and give HERE.

Why should you care?

Reason #1: At least 100,000 children are sold into sex trafficking every year in the United States Reason #2: There are fewer than 250 beds available for underage victims Reason #3: 13 is the average age of entry into prostitution in the US Reason #4: The United States sex trade is a $9.8 billion industry Reason #5: The average American lives within 19 miles of daily sex trafficking

How does it work?

SET - We've set a goal of how much money we would like to give to Breaking Free RAISE - We have the entire month of February to raise this set goal (donations made by check only) MATCH - I will personally match every dollar that we raise up until we reach $500

Learn more and give at:

Any amount helps and every dollar goes farther as Tom and I will be matching up to $500. We so appreciate you and hope that you will join us in taking a stand!

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