The Olson Family | Minnesota Family Lifestyle

I have to start with a disclaimer on this post - it's my belief that the following children in these photos are the cutest kids on the planet. That I happen to be their aunt is irrelevant. I loved being able to photograph my brother's family in Fargo earlier this fall during the peak colors. Now that their Christmas card has hit mailboxes around the country, I'm sharing a few of my favorites from their session. 2013-11-10_00012013-11-10_00042013-11-10_00052013-11-10_00072013-11-10_00062013-11-10_00082013-11-10_0010

After we finished photographing the family with the kids, I stole Zach and Katy for a few minutes since it's been a long time since their last photo session together. These two laugh a LOT together, so it was really fun getting them in front of the camera for a few minutes.2013-11-10_00112013-11-10_00132013-11-10_0012