Kelly & Drew | Minneapolis Engagement

Minnesota Engagement Photographer | Minneapolis, MN

The year is 1987, two baby girls meet because their parents are friends. 26 years later and those two little girls are now grown up, still great friends, more like sisters, actually. The story behind our friendship made this engagement session all the more sweet. I've never seen Kelly happier than when she's with Drew. There's just something about him that brings out a spark and joy for life. I can't wait to see what God has planned for the two of them as husband & wife.

To incorporate their love story into the photos, what better place to start than the front step they spent summer evenings chatting and getting to know each other. Drew loves giving Kelly flowers, so she incorporated a bouquet into the session which brought some beautiful colors into the photos. Although it was a rainy day, Kelly & Drew were more than happy to dodge in and out of the rain to get these incredible photos.



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