Introducing Mozzie

Caitlin _ Tommy Engagement_001

Tom and I have been talking about getting a dog for a long time, like since we moved into our house a few years ago. Last year, we finally took the plunge and got on a wait list for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy with a local breeder. We were expecting to get our puppy in November, but unfortunately, the litter was just one little puppy  - and we were fifth on the list! We decided to wait until spring to get a Berner pup, but little did we know, we would get our puppy much, much sooner. This is where Mozzie comes in. Tom's aunt and uncle's dog had an unexpected batch of puppies - an Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix. They kept sending us pictures of this little puppy with brown eyebrows, asking us if we'd be interested in adopting her and saving her from a trip to the Humane Society. Honestly, I really had my heart set on a Bernese Mountain dog and resisted Tom's plea to adopt her. After a little convincing, we decided to give this little pup a home.

It's been a little over a month since we brought her home. We are almost done with puppy classes and Mozzie can now successfully shake hands and give us high-fives. Like all puppies, she loves to chew everything she can get her paws on. Even though I am totally biased, I do think she's just about the cutest dog around and I'm so glad she's ours!

We are so lucky to get to meet many of our couples' dogs at engagement sessions. I'm thinking a giant play date is in order! Some of our favorite pups that we've met in the last year include Macy, Evy, Belle, Wrigley, Cooper, Riley, Maeby, Crixus, Milton, Hugo and many more. You'll probably see a lot more of Mozzie on Instagram from time to time, so feel free to follow her adventures @rochellemuellenberg!