Chandler + Greg | Hidden Meadow and Barn Wedding

Chandler and Greg live in Seattle, but hail from Minnesota and Wisconsin. When planning their summer wedding, they instantly knew the new venue, Hidden Meadow and Barn, was an exact match for the style of wedding they were planning. From the rolling hills in the background of their ceremony location to the huge bridal suite for getting ready, this venue is a new favorite. It was a sunny and warm day, perfect for their outdoor ceremony and dancing under the stars. Can I just say that an outdoor dance floor is possibly the best thing ever? Chandler did an amazing job paying attention to every detail and her vision truly came to life beautifully on the wedding day. Chandler's mom (and new bee keeper) bottled honey from the hive she tends as gifts to the guests. A "Party Animal" table was set with table information and cards written in beautiful calligraphy by Chandler. Every detail of the day was perfection. We loved every moment of their special day and are so thankful to be part of the celebration.

Wedding Dress: The Wedding Shoppe | Florist: EL Design | Boutonnieres: Wit and Wonder Design | Venue: The Hidden Meadow and Barn | Hair & Makeup: Meghan Lee Artistry | DJ: Studio Veil | Catering: Gastrotruck | Bridesmaid Skirts: DressBeautiful | Invitations: Paperless Post

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